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Planting for Pollinators in San Francisco

The School of Landscape Architecture presents Terry Oxford in one of a series of lectures in San Francisco. Terry Oxford is an all-natural, biodynamic beekeeper with over ten years of experience keeping healthy, chemical-free bees on restaurant rooftops in San Francisco. Terry’s bees thrive in the city because of her dedicated focus on providing healthy pollinator food from clean, insecticide-free plants and trees. Terry’s San Francisco honey is the winner of three Good Food Awards and is currently the only winner from the city of San Francisco and surrounding Bay Area. Her hives are on the rooftops of some of San Francisco’s finest chefs in her mission of environmental sustainability. Terry shares her expertise locally, nationally, and internationally on a wide range of topics including urban rooftop beekeeping, biodynamic beekeeping practice and preserving and cultivating the urban canopy with pesticide-free and diverse nutrition for all species.

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